Which airport do we fly into and how far is it from Nah Uxibal?

You will be flying into The Cancun Airport and then traveling south along highway 307 for about 90 min. to the quieter part of the Mayan Riviera and Nah Uxibal. Our address is:

Nah Uxibal

Privada Bahia Soliman #17

Bahia Soliman

Tulum, Q. Roo MX 77780

Do we need to rent a car?

We recommend renting a car since there is so much to see and do in the area, but it really just depends on the type of vacation you would like to have. Shuttles are available to bring you to and from the airport to Nah Uxibal, and taxis are available for  trips into town for shopping etc. If you would like to explore the area and be free to come and go easily then we do recommend renting a car, but if you are planning to spend most of your days on the beach or in a hammock and travel into town only a few times then a car really isn’t necessary. Nah Uxibal is located on the beautiful beach of Soliman Bay and it is about one mile off of the main highway and about a 10 minute drive north of Tulum. 

Where is the closest grocery store and restaurants?

The town of Tulum is just about 10 minutes down the highway from Nah Uxibal. There you will find a large grocery store, fruit stands, a fresh fish market, bakeries, tortilla shops, gift shops, all you need and more. The big Chedroui Supermarket in Tulum has everything you will need and shopping there is part of the adventure of being in Mexico. We also have two restaurants as well as a small connivence store right on the bay within walking distance.

Is the drinking water safe?

Nah Uxibal Beach Front Vacation Rentals supply all the units with plenty of purified bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Is there someone who can cook for us?

Yes, we do have a chef available for groups of 6 or more. Having a chef is a wonderful way to treat yourself and really be able to relax without thinking about cooking. The service is wonderful and usually costs about the same as going out, but with great leftovers. Or, Victoria is also happy to cook a special meal for couples or families as well, her menu is in the welcome book and this can be arranged directly with her upon your arrival.

Is it safe to eat the fruits and vegetables?

Yes, just wash all your fruits and vegetables skins before eating them with the disinfectant that Nah Uxibal supplies in each unit.

Do you have air conditioning?

No, Nah Uxibal Beach Front Vacation Rentals does not have air conditioning because we find it truly is not necessary. Since we are right on the water, the breeze off of the ocean tends to keep the temperature considerably cooler than it is inland. The ceiling fans are also great to help keep the air moving. July and August are the really warm months that people who are sensitive to heat or live in a much cooler climate may be uncomfortable, but most people do fine. We spend a lot of time there in the summer, and the cenotes are great then!

Do you have a pool?

Yes, Nah Uxibal has a small pool that is great for dipping. The pool has a sitting area with jets, a planter with trees in the middle and a deep area. There is also a round "kiddie" pool for the little ones that is separate from the large pool. Of course parents are always required to be with children around the pool since there is no lifeguard, but it is a great place to have a refreshing dip between ocean swims or hang out by the BBQ.

What is the beach like? Is it safe for kids?

Nah Uxibal Beach Front Vacation Rentals sit on a beautiful white sand beach made from the coral reefs in the area. Soliman Bay is a large but relatively shallow bay that has a very gradual slope at the shore, so it is very safe for kids. 

How private is Nah Uxibal Beach Front Vacation Rentals?

Nah Uxibal is surrounded by other residential private homes that some owners live in year round while others are vacation rentals like Nah Uxibal. Occasionally other guests from other homes will walk the beach in front of Nah Uxibal, just as our guests do. It is very quiet and peaceful at Nah Uxibal, even during high season.

What is a cenote?

The entire Yucatan Peninsula is very unique because it is made up of limestone with underground rivers running out to the ocean. The centoes are places where the water of these rivers is exposed at the surface. This water is very cool, clean and soft. There are beautiful cave formations created by these rivers that cave divers love to explore, as well as lots of wondrous, beautiful cenotes to swim and snorkel in. The cenotes are especially refreshing during the summer months when the ocean can be warm.

Where are the closest golf course and tennis courts?

Bahia Principe Resort is just 10 minutes north of Nah Uxibal and has a very nice 18 hole course as well as a beautiful executive nine hole course. Puerto Adventuras is about 20 min north of us and has both a golf course and tennis courts. 

Is the gratuity and tax included in the price of the rental?

The tax and the gratuity for our wonderful caretakers Javier and Victoria is not included. You will be very pleased with the excellent job Javier and Victoria do to make your stay the best possible and to show your appreciation they do appreciate gratuities from the guests very much. They are very special and friendly, always happy to help in any way they can so just be sure to ask if there is anything you may need.

When is the best time of year to go?

Even the Yucatan Peninsula has seasons, so it just depends on what you are looking for. Since Nah Uxibal is right on the water we stay considerably cooler than inland in the warmer months, making Nah Uxibal wonderful year round.

  • Jan - April are the most popular months when guests from colder climates come to appreciate the warmth of Mexico. The weather is warm and sunny, this is dry season with very little rain, although it can be windy and cooler during the beginning of the year. At times you may need a sweater in the evenings.
  • May - June The weather is warming up and the sea turtles are coming in to lay their eggs. These are ideal months, the crowds are gone and the sea is calming. This is the time of year to see the turtles and the temps are very pleasant. We have had many nests right in front of Nah Uxibal, as well as many others on the bay. 
  • July - August are the warmest months, but being on the water makes all the difference. We stay at least 10 degrees cooler than inland, and have had many guests say that it was much more pleasant then they expected. It is very quiet on the bay and the last of the baby turtles are hatching. The cenotes are wonderful in the summer!
  • Sept - Dec is rainy season, but that does not mean that it is raining all of the time. There is still sun and warmth, with rains that will come and go. This time of year the colors are incredibly beautiful and you will be reminded that you are in the tropics. This is also hurricane season and the storms can be quite exciting and intense. Thunder and lightning shows are regular and often pass by or are out at sea. This time of year you will experience all kinds of weather, and if you are prepared it can be a wonderful time to enjoy the Mayan Riviera, less expensive and no crowds. It is a good idea to purchase travel insurance this time of year. Even though the chances are small, there is the possibility of hurricanes and storms. Please be sure to check our policies as well.

Be sure to read our policies page prior to reserving your stay. Travel Insurance is recommended.

How do you pronounce Nah Uxibal?

In the Mayan language "x" is pronounced like our "sh" sound, you will see this in other names around the Maya Riviera as well.

Therefore, Nah Uxibal is pronounced something like "Nah Oo-she-ball".


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